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Start Year

July 2023


5 years

Our Role


Project Development & Management

Olives & Almonds


Central & Southern Portugal

Arbo-Innova is our latest research project where we investigate scalable regenerative agriculture solutions in super-intensive olives and intensive almonds.

Understanding Industry Context

The tree crop industry is currently witnessing a shift towards intensification as super-intensive irrigated orchards are gradually replacing traditional rain-fed orchards. This transition is largely driven by the economic advantages it offers. However, it has introduced ecological challenges, including increased use of fertilisers and herbicides. The incorporation of regenerative agriculture practices in these orchards holds promise for enhancing economic efficiency while significantly mitigating adverse ecological impacts. 

Innovation In the Field

Arbo-Innova is an on-farm and agronomy-led experiment that compares regenerative agriculture treatments with control plots on three different farms. This project was initiated in response to industry demand, recognising the current scarcity of tested solutions and data. It enables us to assess our hypotheses, assemble teams of experts, and craft methodologies tailored to intensive almond and super-intensive olive systems.

Agronomy Led On-farm Research 

Our project operates on real farms, collaboratively managed with farmers, to ensure the scalability and industry relevance of applied techniques. We've assembled a consortium of regenerative agriculture and tree crop experts, fostering innovative solutions that break new ground.

Research Design Strategy


Partner Farms


Agronomic Partners

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Miguel Angél


Scientific Partners

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